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Born, raised, and live on the water, I enjoy boating as much as anyone! Owning a boat is a lot of fun and therefore, so should the buying experience! Here at The Boat Wholesaler, I like to help people find exactly what they're looking for, without the expense of having to buy brand new. I offer quality used boats that make it easier and more affordable to own. At the Boat Wholesaler it is a one on one operation. Whenever you send an email, call, text, reply to an ad, need financing, have a trade in, you are dealing one on one with myself, the owner. No secretaries, no sales staff,no phone directory, no chain of command, just me every time! My phone is on all day 7 days a week, and I handle the entire business whether I'm in the office, outside cleaning a boat, or on the road. I am located in the beautiful small town of Bancroft, Ontario, but make no mistake, there is nothing small town about my inventory turnover. In fact, I'm the area's largest used boat dealer and probably Canada’s largest used pontoon boat buyer and seller with customers coast to coast! I have even shipped a boat to another continent before! Each boat I sell is gone over and test driven before I advertise it, to insure it is turnkey ready at any given time because if you decide to purchase, you can hook up and take your new boat home with you right there and then. I have recently took on a new pontoon boat line called "JYS MARINE" (SUN PARTY) which manufacture brand new high quality, low price pontoon boats for the price of used ones! They are Canadian made, so there is no duty or exchange, no brokerage, and the shipping costs are half the price of the american brands so there is huge savings already just from buying Canadian! Brand new "economy" pontoons start out as low as $6750! I have access to Suzuki motors from the manufacturer, and have also teamed up with our local Mercury dealer to offer customers a choice in both Mercury or Suzuki outboards, or you can buy the new boats with no motor and you can put any brand of your liking on or a used one. I am also set up with aftermarket suppliers for any boating related items you may need or have ordered. So call me, email me, or send me a text, I'm here to help you find exactly what you are looking for within your price range, and will work with you anyway I can. I have no set hours because I work around the clock anyways, 7 days a week. Ryan 613-334-1840/ info@theboatwholesaler.com

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