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Hi Iím Ryan, "The Boat Wholesaler". Born, raised, and live on the water, I grew up with boats and boating my entire life. I have built my business in the last 10 years that specializes specifically in the used pontoon boat market due to the rising demand and popularity that the pontoon boat lifestyle brings. I offer the largest selection of used pontoon boats than anywhere else in the country and recently I have just opened a second location, a 3 acre compound where we keep our overflow inventory as we quickly out grew our main location in downtown Bancroft. What many of my customers enjoy other than the huge selection, is that when they come shopping for a used pontoon boat, they are dealing with myself, the owner. I do not have sales staff eager to make a commission, I do not have a secretary that handles the phone calls and emails on my behalf, the customers are always dealing one on one with myself from the start to finish whether itís in person, online, or by phone. I try to keep the buying experience as laid back and customer friendly as possible.

As far as new products go, we are an authorized dealer for JYS Marine Pontoon boats (formerly Sun Party) and also an authorized dealer for Remeq trailers.

Financing is always an option with me. I offer traditional third party financing as well as short term in-house financing over the winter months when a boat is purchased off season.

Guarantee is a nice option to have when buying a used boat but itís not an option here; it comes standard on every sale unless otherwise stated. Every boat is sold in good working order as demonstrated when delivered and we also stand behind it with a guarantee. We service each boat before it leaves and check the fluids and change as necessary.

With the opening of our second location, we are now accepting for the first time Consignments, and we are also going to start branching out into more powerboats, recreational camper trailers, and compact farm and heavy equipment as well as offer outdoor secured storage.

So if you are in the market for a used pontoon boat, I urge you to subscribe to my inventory list under CONTACT. You will be notified via email when new inventory arrives and you always have the option to unsubscribe once you have made your purchase. I can also always be reached by phone 613-334-1840, text, or email at info@theboatwholesaler.com. My hours are flexible but im usually at one of the two locations Monday-Friday 9-5 and by appointment on weekends. If after hours are your only time available to meet, just contact me and I can work around you schedule.

We are always in the market for used pontoon boats of any age, size, or condition so if you want to sell, always feel free to send me some pictures or call and discuss. We are open 12 months a year and continue to buy, sell, and trade, regardless of the season.

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